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Group Profile

Yunnan Yunnei Power Group Co., Ltd. is situated in Kunming. The former of the company was Yunnan Internal Combustion Engine Factory which was established in 1956. It was established on January 24, 2014 through restructuring. As a state-owned large scale first grade enterprise, it is one of the 512 enterprises that have gained special support from the government. The company’s registered capital is 105.11 million Yuan. As of the end of 2015, the company has gained total operating revenue of 3,198 million Yuan, which grows by 22.95% compared with last year, and gained total profits of 255 million Yuan, which grows by 32.17% compared with last year. The total assets of the company reached 105,38 million Yuan. 

Adhering to the main principle of “lean management of added value in the entire value chain system”, the company keeps making efforts in market exploration, quality improvement, cost reduction, service optimization and brand enhancement. Meanwhile, the company places emphasis in the two major businesses of engine industrial chain and energy-saving new material industry. The company’s products mainly include two powertrain assembly, two core technologies, energy-saving materials, new energy automobiles, agricultural machinery, etc. The company aims to establish as an international enterprise, featuring intelligent manufacturing and industrial finance integration.

Engine Industrial Chain

Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd.: a leader in the field of multi-cylinder diesel engine of small cylinder bore in China.

Wabertec: application and calibration of engine and vehicle. 

Wolff: engine analysis and design.

Henghe: exhaust treatment system supplier.

Joint Stock

Pacific Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Fudian Bank


Yunnan Yunnei Machinery: Casting parts, engine remanufacturing and agricultural machinery

Energy-Saving Material Industry

Diankai: Energy-saving glass for buildings, automobile glass and film, high-tech electronic glass, etc.

Automobile Industry

Yunnei Bus: New energy bus, special vehicle, retrofitting vehicle, recreational vehicle.

Suining Yunnei Machinery: Commercial vehicle frame and compartment.

Tongrui: 4S shop for the sales and service of cars.

Agricultural Machinery Industry

Yunnan Yunnei Machinery: casting parts, engine remanufacturing and agricultural machinery.