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Suining Machinery

Suining Yunnei Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yunnei Power Group. It was established to achieve the Group’s strategic target of diversified development and product chain expansion. Its main products include frame assembly and compartment assembly for minitruck, light truck, and medium-sized truck.

The first phase of the company covers an area of 160 mu(about 106,666m2), and the company has 150 employees. The company’s compartment and frame production technology follow the principles of “leading technology, mature process, advanced equipment and lean production”. The production line features high flexibility and can be quickly switched to the production of different products. With annual production capacity of 100,000 frame assemblies and 50,000 compartment assemblies, the company has established cooperation relationships with JAC Sichuan, Geely Commercial Vehicle, Sinotruck Wangpai Motor, Dayun Motor, etc.