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Corporate Culture

Our Mission: ensure customer satisfaction, and create value for our employees, create benefits for our shareholders and create harmony for the society

We through energy conservation, environmental protection, safe and efficient, leading technology of diesel engine, leading the industry development, to create superior value. We are committed to provide high value products and services to the customers, for employees to create a good working environment and developing space, provide continuing the steady value return for shareholders, and make unremitting efforts to the society to take on more responsibility.

For customers: customer satisfaction is an important mission of companies follow. Our customers include not only makers, dealers, suppliers, service providers and other business partners, including our terminal customers. By improving our product quality, improve service levels, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For the employees: employees are the power source for the development of the company. We work hard for staff to create safe, healthy, harmonious and happy work environment, builds the clerkstarts stage for the employees, and make it grow in enterprises in the process of realize their own value, experience the colorful life of the career success and value creation.

For shareholders: we are dedicated to the production and operation of continuous, stable, good faith, the pursuit of sales and profit maximization, effectively take on the role of the enterprise operator responsibility, provide shareholders with long-term, stable and good returns.

For the society: enterprise development cannot leave the support of social from all walks of life, social harmony is the enterprise growing soil. We advocate not only within the enterprise, helping and love each other, together to create more in society, the pursuit and the social from all walks of life begets reciprocal and harmonious together, as a responsible corporate citizen.


Our Vision: establish Yunnei as a leader in the field of multi-cylinder diesel engine of small cylinder bore.

As outstanding representatives of diesel engine industry in our country, in the cloud ambitions. Company always adhere to the innovation driven development strategy, based on small diameter multi-cylinder diesel engine manufacturing, with "industry is skilled in specially" the director-general of attitude, adhere to the "one principle", "two subjects", "three centers", "four big industry" strategic layout, through the efforts of all staff persevere to make the company gradually become small diameter multi-cylinder diesel engine industry leader.


Our Value: human orientated and innovation-driven, customer first, cooperation and win-win.


"People-oriented", embodies the enterprises trust staff, relying on the staff's dominant ideas, respect for employees, reflecting the enterprise based on the user, to meet user demand for the purpose of the humanized concept.

"Innovation driven" : innovation means that we must "changing ideas, innovative thinking, extensive study and draw lessons from contemporary scientific new ideas, continuously break through the bondage of habit of thinking and explore new train of thought, have the courage to try new methods; Innovation means that we must "change beyond, advancing with The Times", pay close attention to the environment change, the accurate judgment, industry, market development direction, adjust themselves, to adapt to the situation; Innovation means we have to "seize the moment, over time," continue to improve our products and services, to dig deeper into the customers' needs, guide and create the market demand.

"Customers as the Buddha", "customer as the statue of" means that the company should firmly establish a market consciousness and service consciousness, always to meet customer demand as the most important management work, set up customer oriented business model; "Customers for his" means the cloud inner technology research and development to "grasp industry trends, tracking policy guidance, insight into market changes, research and development of layout planning, proficient in integration technology, phase product development", for the sustainable development of the company create a "star of tomorrow" products. "Customers for his" means the cloud internal business operations to adhere to the principle of continuous improvement, by strengthening the informationization, extending the value chain, and with customers to jointly develop the market, constantly creating value for customers.

"Win-win cooperation", we stick to the respect, the principle of equality, mutual trust and cooperation, pursue the harmony inside and outside enterprise mutual benefit, we advocate internal learning from each other, complementary advantages, resource sharing, collaborative atmosphere, advocacy and partners equal treatment, mutual learning, the value orientation of win-win cooperation and common development.


Enterprise spirit: gratitude to create harmonious responsibility study casts remarkable achievements Happy and enjoy the future

Gratitude to create harmony: we encourage employees to work in colleagues, appreciate enterprise, advocating enterprise employees, appreciate partner in the production and business operation. Only every employee work in chang huaikang Thanksgiving heart, can build a harmonious enterprise atmosphere.

Achievement of excellence: responsibility is an attitude, an attitude, pragmatic and enterprising, dare to bear responsibility consciousness requires every employee should go deep in work, our actual effect, the steadfast work, helping the company to new heights.

Molded growth: learning is a process of accumulation of experience, to mature, the company encourages employees through learning activities to enhance the quality of personal, as well as staff set up broad learning promotion platform, promote the enterprise and staff grow up together.

Happy and enjoy the future: happiness is a kind of faith, is also a kind of motivation, happy belief make staff to work full of passion, full of love, the company advocates the concept of happy work, help employees on happy atmosphere to create the future.


Work Style: shoulder responsibility voluntarily, implement efficiently, be realistic and practical, and pursue excellence


"Resolute persistence", is to be determined not shaken, maintain high morale and triumphalism, seize the opportunity not to let it go, encounter difficulties don't flinch, insist on fighting don't stop, don't reach goal don't give up.

"To take on responsibilities", it is to dare to rush to dare to try, in face of difficulty and dare to face difficult problems before contradiction, dare to grasp dare tube, dare, dare to bear responsibility in the presence of risk.

"The pursue remarkable", is to expand, yong best, turning challenges into opportunities, potential to strength and become trouble for something better, getting behind to the advanced, with extraordinary pursuit to seek new breakthroughs, to move out of the ordinary made extraordinary performance.

"Advocating pragmatic" is to set up the spirit of practical, work diligently, advocating down-to-earth, tangible culture, formed by action hero, in a work by performance with cadres.


Slogan: Keep innovating and upgrading and make business transformation


Motivation is to promote continuous development and progress, constantly derivatives beyond all things drive, innovation is fundamental to generate power. As engine production enterprise, in the cloud to create endless power. Company always adhere to in the process of production and business operation into the innovation of this factor, not because of a long history and conservative, don't because of the brilliant achievements of complacency, insist on technological innovation in the process of production, adhere to the system innovation in the management process, take concrete actions to interpret the meaning of "drive innovation, transformation and upgrading.