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Kunming Bus

Kunming Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at Haikou Industrial Park, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, covering an area of 243.3mu. It was established through the reorganization of Kunming Bus Refitting Factory in September 2014 with registered capital of RMB 50 million, and is a joint venture of Yunnan Yunnei Power Group Co., Ltd., Kunming Industrial Development & Investment Co., Ltd., Kun Ming Bus Group Co., Ltd. and Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1958, Kunming Bus Refitting Factory, founded has the qualification of refitting large and medium-sized buses and special vehicle bodies for ambulances and recreational vehicles. The Company mainly produces "Yunhai" series passenger buses, including KK6110 coach, KK6152 articulated urban bus, KK6470 passenger bus, KK6540 wagon car, KK6600A/KK6600K wagon car, KK6880/KK6960 urban bus, KK1020/KK1021 van, KK2020 van, and special vehicles like KK5020XJB police van, KK5020XJF monitoring car, KK5020XJH/KK5040XJH ambulance, KK5020XKC investigation vehicle and KK5020XYZ mail car.

In July 2015, Kunming Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. commenced the new refitted bus plant & technical upgrading project with total investment of RMB 625 million, to enhance its R&D and manufacturing level. At present, the company’s annual capacity reaches 3,000 buses and has set up professional buses and special vehicle design and development centers. The production equipment includes punching, welding, painting and final assembling. The punching and welding workshops have final assembling and tooling, covering and tensioning, and other main equipment. The coating equipment in coating workshop can complete the coating of 12m long bus. The final assembling workshop is provided with final assembly production line, completion inspection & testing line.

Kunming Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will make efforts to build the production platform for passenger bus, special vehicle and new energy bus, creating a new platform for the development of automobile industry in Yunnan Province.