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Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. was solely initiated by Yunnan Internal Combustion Engine Factory and was established through social fund-raising in 1999. The company has been engaged in the development of diesel engines for about 60 years. As a leading enterprise in China’s automobile parts and engine industry and China’s internal combustion engine industry, the National Enterprise Technology Center, National 2nd Batch Pilot Innovation Enterprise and the first batch Innovative Enterprise of Yunnan Province, Hi-tech Enterprise, Backbone Enterprise for the National Passenger Car Diesel Engine Hi-tech Industrialization Base, Key Hi-tech Enterprise of National Torch Program and International Technological Cooperation Base, the company has won the National Labor Day Award and various honorary titles. At present, the company has a total assets of 6.8 billion Yuan.

To improve the competitiveness and enhance the industrial layout and production base construction, the company purchased Chengdu Internal Combustion Engine General Factory and set up Chengdu Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. which mainly produces 490 and 495 series of diesel engine and natural gas engine products. Based on the national gas vehicle engineering technology research center sub-center, the company will build a national natural gas engine R&D base. In 2013, the company invested 60 million Yuan and established Shandong Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. for the R&D of offroad diesel engine and other new products.

In December 2012, the company moved to Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone and the new plant covers an area of more than 900 mu (about 600,000 m2). The company brought in advanced casting, machining, and assembly equipment as well as software development and testing instrument and has built a leading R&D and production platform for diesel engines for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Thus the company has become an important R&D and manufacturing base for multi-cylinder small bore diesel engine of National IV, V and Euro V emission standards in China. At present, the company’s annual production capacity is 400,000 diesel engines for commercial vehicle, 200,000 diesel engines for passenger cars and 150,000 diesel engines for offroad machines.

The company’s predominant products are in the leading position in the industry in China. The international advanced energy-saving and environment-friendly DEV series electronic controlled high pressure common rail diesel engine (proprietary intellectual property rights) has been used in SUV, MPV and cars of multiple manufacturers in China. Among which, The D19TCI Euro V engine has been used in Saic Motor’s MG6 which has been mass exported to the UK, which turns over a new leaf for homemade diesel engine to enter European markets. YN series of diesel engine for commercial vehicles has reached National IV and V standard, and has excellent power, high economy and reliability, and its performance indexes are of leading level among similar products in China. The natural gas and duel fuel engine has reached National V emission standard and is very close to the National VI standard. The YN series offroad diesel engine can be widely used in various kinds of vehicles, including loaders, forklift trucks, excavators, and harvesters. Meanwhile, the company has jointly developed manual transmission and automatic transmission products for diesel vehicles with famous enterprises like PPS, Saic Motor, etc.

The company has set up 25 offices, more than 1,200 authorized aftersales outlets and recruited more than 40 parts dealers, providing customers with excellent timely services. The company has also built long-term and stable cooperation relationship with dozens of automobile manufacturers in China, and the products have been exported with the vehicles to Europe, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia countries.

In 2014, Yunnan Yunnei Power Group Co., Ltd. was established and its business fields expands to automobile parts, agricultural machinery, new energy automobiles and energy-saving building materials, etc. Through expansion of upperstream and downstream industrial chain, Yunnei Power is developing towards the aim of becoming a leader in the field of multi-cylinder diesel engine of small cylinder bore in China.