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National Enterprise Technology Center

Forward-looking, practical, and lead the industry

With about 60 years history in the R&D and production of diesel engines, Yunnei Power has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with FEV, BOSCH, AVL, and well-known scientific research institutes both at home and abroad. The company has also built advanced product R&D measures and improved the product development process in accordance with FEV’s development patterns, and has also established capabilities in CAE analysis, and engine and vehicle application calibration. The company has been identified as a National Enterprise Technology Center.

National Enterprise Technology Center

In 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice, announcing that Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd Technology Center was identified as National Enterprise Technology Center, with Kunming Technology Center, Eastern Technology Center, Chengdu Gas Center, Shandong Technology Center, and Science and Technology Department under its jurisdiction.  

Kunming Technology Center

Further improve the technology center in Kunming Headquarters and Kunming University of Science and Technology Product R&D and Testing Center, set up Yuanjiang, Shangri-la calibration test sites, and establish the technology center as a R&D base with plateau characteristics. It is mainly specialized in the R&D and test of diesel engines for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Eastern Technology Center

The Eastern Technology Center was built with an investment of 300 million Yuan based on Wuxi Calibration Company. The center has recruited and cultivated high level talents and has become Yunnei Power’s base for product development and technology application.

Chengdu Gas Technology Center

With an investment of 60 million Yuan, the first sub-center of National Gas Center was set up in Chengdu Yunnei Power, which is mainly responsible for the development and testing of natural gas engines, diesel/gasoline and gas dual fuel engines.

Shandong Technology Center

Relying on the huge offroad market and the opportunity of implementing T3 and T4 emission standards, Shandong Technology Center was established in Shandong Yunnei Power, which is mainly responsible for the research, development and testing of offroad engine products.

Test Equipment

From planning, equipment to the development process, the technology center is built in accordance with Germany FEV standards. With combustion analyzer, emission inspection equipment, air passage test bench,high pressure common rail injection system test equipment, now the technology center has become a leading R&D platform in the industry. 

The center has also brought in test benches for NVH, hybrid, endurance test, thermal shock test, etc.

And built a hub laboratory which has simulated vehicle environment(temperature, humidity) with an emission test system.

Meet the requirements for the test and development of Euro IV, Euro V diesel and hybrid engine, as well as for plain test and vehicle calibration.

Vehicle Calibration Ability

Through cooperating with BOSCH, the company has cultivated a high quality calibration team. The calibration range covers combustion development, rack calibration, driving performance, vehicle emission, hydraulic, electric, diagnosis, OBD and extreme environment adaptability, etc. The company has good calibration capability for matching electric control diesel engine with vehicles.