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Name: Aluminum plateBrand: N/A
Specification/Model: 580X330X45Amount: 2 Piece
Order No: N/ARemarks: N/A
Payment:My company in 20 days before the financial debts, debts at the end of the month payment, more than 30,000 yuan (including 3 million) to endorse the bank to accept the endorsement. After the arrival of the goods, the receipt of the notice on the 20th of the month before the full amount of the value of the sharp invoice or delivery to the company's procurement department contact, such as 20 days after the submission of invoices, debits and payment time to postpone for 1 month.  
Delivery address:

Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone Jingjing Road No.66

Kunming Yunzhong Power Co., Ltd.

postcode 650217 

Contact: Meng LuTelephone: 0871-67377521
Fax: 0871-75627297Email: N/A