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Name: Antifreezing solution Brand: changcheng
Specification/Model: FD-2type 6Kg/barrelAmount: 4 barrel
Order No: N/ARemarks: N/A
Payment:My company was conducted in the 20 financial payment, bill payment in the end of the next month, more than 30000 yuan (contain 30000 yuan) payment by bank acceptance endorsement. Upon the acceptance of the goods, received notice to open the full month before 20 value-added invoices by mail or delivered to our company purchasing department contact, such as 20 submit invoices in the future, and postpone 1 month payment and payment time. 
Delivery address:No.66, Jingjing Road, Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yunnan Province, P.R. China postcode :650217  
Contact: wanzhi xiaTelephone: 0871-67377523
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