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Remanufactured engine

1.High reliability

2.Strong power

3.Low fuel consumption

  • Features
  • Technical Parameters

Product Features

The product features stable and reliable quality, and has good competitiveness in terms of cost. It has great market prospect. It has the same technical performance and product quality as the original product. Compared with the new product, remanufactured product can reduce cost by 50%, reduce energy by 60% and save materials by 70%, which has great significance for environment protection and cost reduction.

Technical Parameters

Model 4102GB
Bore×stroke 102×115
Displacement 3.76
Rated revs 2400 2600 2800
Rated power 55 50 55 60
Max. torque 234 230 238 239
revs 1700-1900 1600-1800 1800-2000
Application Construction machinery, forklift truck, harvester, mini excavator, agricultural machinery, ships, generator sets, etc.