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Remanufactured engine

1. Cooperated with Germany FEV company

2. Through using air-air intercooling technology, it improves power and output torque and reduces fuel consumption and noise.

3. New generation fuel injection pump and P type fuel injector with no pressure chamber

4. Exhaust turbocharger with vent valve

5. Outside-mounted oil cooler improves reliability

  • Features
  • Technical Parameters

Product Features

The product features stable and reliable quality, and has good competitiveness in terms of cost. It has great market prospect. It has the same technical performance and product quality as the original product. Compared with the new product, remanufactured product can reduce cost by 50%, reduce energy by 60% and save materials by 70%, which has great significance for environment protection and cost reduction.

Technical Parameters

Model 4102QBZL
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder arrangement Vertical, in-line
Cylinder bore (mm) 102
Stroke (mm) 115
Displacement (L) 3.76
Intake Supercharged inter-cooling
Cooling Liquid cooling
Rated power/revs{kw/(r/min)} 75/3000
Max. Torque/revs{N.m(r/min)} 290/1800~2100
Min. fuel consumption {g/(kw.h)} ≤217
Emission standard ⅡChina National II
Net weight (kg) 320
Dimension (mm) 895×622×806
Application Low-speed car/light truck/ passenger van