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Yunnei Power starts research of T4 offroad products


In the first half of 2018, the offraod industry will implement the T4 emission standards step by step and region by region. And the forklift and construction machinery will implement the new standards first. Adhering to the concept "developing advanced technologies before market demand occurs",  Yunnei Power put technological applicaion and development of offroad T3 products and upgrading to T4 standards on the agenda in advance. The company has taken into consideration the key technical issues of upgrading from T3 to T4 products at the R&D period of T3, and then chose the technical path of electric control high pressure common rail. In the last quarter of 2016, Yunnei Power began to visit construction machinery clients and discussed about offroad T4 technology and product planning with influential vehicle manufacturers in the industry.

In early 2017, Yunnei Power speeds up the T4 offroad product development. The company has held an offroad T4 technology and product seminar and invited more than 10 key parts partners to the meeting.


At the meeting, our suppliers respectively discussed about the key technologies of upgrading to T4 standards in terms of fuel system, after treatment and supercharger. Zang Guanghui, Vice General Manager of Liaoning Xinfeng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd, talked about the technical schemes for product technologies of different power range and the transmission efficiency of after treatment. He said that their company will develop new products that match with Yunnei Power’s offroad products and the market demand. Qiu Longbin, Chief Engineer of CNHTC Fuel Injection System Co., Ltd., siad that they will continue to optimize the application of common rail system in offroad T4 products. 

Following the seminar of key parts suppliers, Yunnei Power will formally hold the 2017 Offroad T4 Product Seminar and invite industry experts, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to discuss about T4 related policies, the application of domestic common rail technology in the upgrading of offroad products, and promote the development of national industry together.