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Promote the national brand, share leading common rail technology -- Yunnei Power helds 2017 Offroad T4 Product Seminar

Yunnei Power 2017 Offroad T4 Product Seminar

On January 17, 2017, Yunnei Power held the 2017 offroad T4 product technology seminar. Environmental protection experts, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers attended the seminar. Vice General Manager Ms. Dai Yunhui, Vice General Manager and Financial Director Mr. Tu Jianguo, Vice General Manager Ji Jun of Yunnei Power also attended the seminar. Assistant General Manager and General Manager of Customer Service Mr. Zhang Sizhe presided over this meeting. In the theme "promote the national brand, share leading common rail technology ", the meeting discussed about offroad T4 products and technologies, which indicates the official start of T4 offroad engine product research and development.

Mr. Zhang Sizhe, Assistant General Manager and General Manger of Customer Service

Many experts attended the seminar, including members of the State Environmental Protection Administration Expert Group on Motor Vehicle Pollution Control, Vice Chairman of China Internal Combustion Engine Institute Internal Combustion Engine Test Technology Branch and Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology Mr. Ge Yunshan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and senior engineer Mr. Wang Jinxing, and Mr. Lu Xianzhong from Shandong Automotive Quality Supervision and Inspection Station. They discussed the environmental requirements of T3 and T4, and their technological path, emission limit and measurement methods. They said that the offroad T4 environmental regulations would be implemented step by step, and reiterated the necessity and importance of strict enforcement of emission regulations.

Meanwhile, the company also has invited guests from famous vehicle manufacturing enterprises to attend the meeting. All the guests discussed about related policies on upgrading to T4 products and about the application of domestic common rail technology, so as to get ready for the product development, and promote the upgrading to T4 emission standards.

Vice General Manager Ms. Dai Yunhui

Adhering to the concept "developing advanced technologies before market demand occurs",  Yunnei Power put technological applicaion and development of offroad T3 products and upgrading to T4 standards on the agenda in advance. The company has taken into consideration the key technical issues of upgrading from T3 to T4 products at the R&D period of T3, and then chose the technical path of electric control high pressure common rail.

At present, Yunnei YN series T3 engine products have been distributed in the market in a large scale. The company is also developing the T4 standard DEV and YN series products and plans to launch the new products in 2018. Meanwhile, the National V standard vehicle use DEV and YN series products have also been distributed in the market in a large scale. and the high-end National VI standard DEV series products will also be launched in 2018.

In the future, Yunnei Power will actively respond to environmental protection policies, continue to lead the industry upgrading, create a green harmonious homeland, and promote the development of national industry.