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Passing by Heihe in the winter -- extreme low temperature test

It is the coldest season again. Snow has covered the northern land and it's getting colder and colder. Well, it also means that the company's extreme low temperature test has begun.


In early December 2016, the company's calibration engineers wore their cotton-padded clothes, and went to the coldest area in China - Heihe, to conduct the extreme low temperature test for 12 vehicles which were mounted with 5 kinds of engines.

On December 21, 2016, the test vehicles arrived at the destination when the temperature of Heihe has dropped to-30 degrees. Just on the arrival, everyone was busy working according to the test plan. The main contents of this test include high cold start-up capability calibration, idle speed stability calibration, driving calibration, smoke check, OBD calibration, and cold test of post-processing.


In the extreme cold environment, the engine oil viscosity and internal mechanical resistance will increase, and fuel volatility and battery performance will degrade, so starting the engine in low temperature will be difficult, and the combustion will be unstable, which is a severe test for the engine performance. This requires the calibration engineers to make meticulous judgement, and a series of work like modifying the ECU calibration parameters to make the engine run smoothly. So coldness is a precious resource for calibration engineers.

To further test the engine performance in the most extreme low temperature, the staff drove the vehicles to Hehei Island.And the vehicles all did well in the harsh envirionment.

The test went on from 2016 to 2017 and was completed on January 15. Yunnei engines all stand the test of extreme low temperature. And the calibration team successfully completed the task.