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Yunnei is on the fast track of green manufacturing and upgrading of offroad engines towards T3, T4 standards

According to related national policies on offroad diesel engines, China will upgrade the offroad T3 emission standards and the formulation and implementation of T4 emission standards is already on the way.


Table1 Pollutant Emission Limit for Diesel Engine of Offroad Machinery (Tier III)  


Table 2 Pollutant Emission Limit for Diesel Engine of Offroad Machinery (Tier IV)


Table 3  Technical Scheme for Offroad T3


Table 4 Technical Scheme for Offroad T4

To guarantee compliance of the technical indexes with consideration of the capability of continuous product upgrading, Yunnei Power has chosen the mature electronic control high pressure common rail technical scheme in August 2015. In 2016, the company put mass offroad YN series T3 common rail diesel engine into the market and has become the forerunner and leader of homemade common rail engines. In 2017, the company held the T4 technology seminar to implement T4 technology and product reserve in advance, and share the advanced common rail technology and lead the upgrading of offroad engine products.

With more than 20 years of experience in the electronic control common rail technology, the company has implemented National IV and V emission standards for all its diesel engine products, and the DEV and YN series products have been launched in the market in a large scale. The company has also began the product research of National VI standard DEV products and hopefully will be launched in the market soon. With mature technology reserve, the company’s small/medium power offroad engines can be easily upgraded to T3 and T4 standards.

Under the guidance of China’s “2025”strategic principle of promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry to the intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, Yunnei Power takes the good opportunities of internal combustion engine upgrading and emphasizes on the development of diesel engine business through various measures, promotes the company’s transformation and upgrading and product upgrading. In the upgrading tide of offroad engines to T3 and T4, Yunnei Power has already driven on the fast track of green manufacturing of offroad engines.