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Build channels, enhance management, and share the new development achievements -- Yunnei Power successfully helds 2017 Parts Dealer Meeting

2017 Parts Dealer Meeting

On February 23, Yunnei Power held the 2017 Parts Dealer Meeting in the theme of “build channels, enhance management, and share the new development ”. Vice General Manager and Vice Director of National Enterprise Technology Center Ms. Dai Yunhui, Vice General Manager Mr. Zhou Tao, and Ji Jun and other leaders of the company and more than 60 parts dealers attended the meeting. 


Vice General Manager Mr. Zhou Tao

Vice General Manager Mr. Zhou Tao first made a speech. He said “in 2016 Yunnei Power actively adapted to the market changes and has made outstanding achievements in the market promotion of vehicle use DEV series, YN series National IV and V products and offroad T3 products. And the overall sales volume was greatly increased. ” He said that we cannot gain such excellent achievements without the diligent work and great support of our dealer friends and he also expressed sincere thankfulness to all the dealers.


Vice General Manager Ms. Dai Yunhui

Vice General Manager Ms. Dai Yunhui made the overall targets and planning work report at the meeting. She said “there are both opportunities and challenges in China’s engine industry in 2017. We shall follow the market trends and continue to work hard toward our targets. Yunnei Power will adhere to the main principle of‘ lean management of the whole value chain’ and provide customers with products of the best price performance ratio through a series of measures like quality improvement, cost reduction, etc.

In the end, Assistant General Manager and General Manager of Customer Service Mr. Zhang Sizhe made the parts business plan and work report. He said that with the rapid growth of the company’s vehicle use National IV and V engine products and offroad TierIII engine products in the markets, it brings new market opportunities for the promotion of our parts and oils products. Thus the company will enhance the support to these products and strengthen the construction and management of dealer channel, so as to promote the prosperity of parts and oils business and engine products. He hopes that all the dealers will follow the company’s development to improve channel construction and meet the service demand, improve their operation and further promote the parts and oils market.

Now, Yunnei Power is at the new starting point and the company will sincerely cooperate with all our parts dealers to make new brilliant achievements.