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Build new ecology of consumption through integrity services -- Yunnei Power “3.15” Service Campaign

It is the the foundation for enterprise survival to continuously improve service quality. And it is also a trend to provide all customers with high level and personalized services, which embodies the competition level in the industry.

Providing excellent services not only on the day of “3.15” but also taking everyday as “3.15”, this is one of Yunnei Power’s core competitiveness. For a long time, Yunnei Power adheres to the service concept of “customer first and wholehearted services” and has won good reputation in the industry. The company pays attention to any customer appeals and provides customers peace of mind with thoughtful and timely services though its 1,200 service outlets all over the country. To further optimize aftersales services, the company provides all the users with excellent lifecycle service with the “3.15” service attitude. Yunnei Power will spare no effort to strengthen the after-sales service work and enhance its competitiveness through quality services.

‍1st Service guarantee measure: quick response and timely service


The customer’s service request is coordinated and handled by specially assigned service staff, which ensures customer satisfactory with 24 hour high quality services. The customer’s urgent request for parts is also handled by specially assigned service staff, and we also have assigned special technical service staff in every region, providing customers with timely and effective services. The company has also set up contingency plan to cope with major product quality information, troubles and disputes, and organize the technical support team to analyze and discuss about the issues, and formulate related service measures and get ready within 24 hours.

2nd Service guarantee measure: improve service quality and provide "nanny-like" service


Set up 24-hour 400 service hotline; provide free first insurance for bus customers; provide door-to-door maintenance service, and regular follow-up services, including free vehicle inspection service. With all these measures, we can timely solve potential machine failures and reduce customer’s losses. As for random failures, we will collect related failure status data and send our service staff to provide long-distance whole-journey services. We also follow up and analyze the improvement of our service quality through various measures like team meeting, on-site analysis meeting, regular quality meeting and special meeting, etc. Thus we have improved customer satisfaction and make the customers benefit from our “nanny-like” services.

The pursuit of user satisfaction is our service tenet and objective, and is also the direction of our services. Yunnei Power will always keep the “3.15” service attitude in the entire service process and build the new ecology of consumption with the society.